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Facilitators: Sarah Lay , Alastair Smith , Sarah Lay , Sarah Jennings , Liz Copeland

Open by default and digital by design

We are a practitioner network created and functioning in the spirit of local government's sector-led improvement agenda.

Our overarching purpose is to raise standards in web provision and the use of digital by councils across the country, and to create a digital framework that is flexible enough to respond to local needs.

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17 Apr 2014

simon fenton-jones

simon fenton-jones replied to Sarah Lay's forum post, LocalGov Digital Usability Dashboard launches. Hi Sarah, Not sure if you're aware of this one , or how much collaboration there might be between local and national.gov.uk ... Read more

Marc Snaith

Marc Snaith replied to Dale Shepherd's forum post, Releasing data to standard schemas. We don't provide waste collection but it would improve our user experience if we could provide a search for users so they can access this information from our website and not have to dig around our...... Read more

Jason Williams

Jason Williams replied to Dale Shepherd's forum post, Releasing data to standard schemas. Defo interested.  Like Dale we have a waste collection service on our My Area page which gives user info etc. we also have the an email that goes out to users the day before to remind them....... Read more

Dale Shepherd

Dale Shepherd replied to Richard Keys's forum post, Releasing data to standard schemas. Our bin day finder ( http://shropshire.gov.uk/waste/binday/ ) uses data from the contractors that look after the waste collection service, and, again, it's very popular, but only as a passive...... Read more

Richard Keys

Richard Keys replied to Richard Kingston's forum post, Releasing data to standard schemas. If it would be helpful, I'd be happy to have a chat from an app developer's perspective, to let you know what we'd want/expect from a web service. ... Read more

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